A majority of college students understand what it’s like to share a bathroom and shower with 50+ people. This requires lugging your shampoos, conditioners, body washers, toothbrush, etc. to a tiny bathroom where oftentimes you may have to wait in a line. It’s inconvenient, time consuming, and sometimes very unsanitary. However, it’s all a part of living on-campus.

Although some individuals enjoy resident hall life, a majority of college students realize immediately that on-campus housing is not for them. This is when they start the hunt for an off-campus apartment. They might have friends who live off-campus who recommend the apartment where they reside, but ultimately it is up to them to make the decision. At Shippensburg University, smart students choose Madison, Creekside, & Brookside Court Apartments.

Madison. Creekside, & Brookside Court Apartments come highly recommended by current residents and they have an impressive amount of features. Why share a bathroom with 50+ people when you could have one all to yourself? Each apartment also comes with private bedrooms so their residents may sleep, study, or relax in peace.
An unfortunate part of living in a dorm is lacking proper storage, kitchen appliances, the washer and dryer is never close enough, and there’s constant internet issues. With Madison, Creekside, & Brookside Apartments, residents enjoy a simple living environment. All apartments include a large refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven/stove combination, a washer, dryer, all the cabinet storage necessary for a college student, and free high speed internet.

Madison, Creekside, & Brookside Apartments come fully stocked with anything a college student could need, but the amount of freedom available is the real kicker. Students who live on-campus oftentimes do not have cars. This makes it hard to get away from the stress of campus life. With off-campus housing at Madison, Creekside, & Brookside, a numerous amount of parking spaces are located directly outside of each building and it doesn’t cost a single penny for residents to use them.

When you compare the obvious differences between on-campus and off-campus housing, it is a no brainer that off-campus housing, especially at Madison, Creekside, & Brookside Apartments works better for college students in the long run.