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Madison & Creekside 4 Bedroom 3rd Floor with Loft

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Brookside Court 3 Bedroom Unit

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Madison & Creekside 4 Bedroom Unit

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Avoid Housing Pitfalls and Choose with Confidence

It’s not every day that students are tasked with the difficult decision of choosing the perfect off-campus housing option, but when it’s time to make that decision it is important to choose with confidence. Oftentimes students are surprised to find that the off-campus...

Student Housing Complex Engages Students with Mobile App

In the business world, understanding a demographic is crucial to sales. A businessperson needs to understand who they are targeting and what that audience is interested in. The managers at Madison and Creekside Apartments get this, and they’re proving it with smart...

Why Choosing Brookside Was the Best Decision

As you begin college, nobody really sits you down and describes how important it is to choose the right place to live. My freshman year, like everyone else, I lived in the residence halls. After making friends who lived off-campus, I decided to take matters into my...

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